Inspiring Thought of the Day for Morning Assembly – With Meaning

Inspiration is important. Living around good words makes live happy, exciting, and makes things simple. We have collected and created some of the best thought for the day to speak in morning assembly along with the meaning for students.

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These thoughts will be converted to Hindi soon. But for now, let’s read some of the most beautiful quotes you can ever find to deliver in your school assembly and anywhere else.

I am very confident that most of the thoughts you will find here are fresh and can not be found anywhere else. These thoughts for school are collected for students from great ancient texts. Additionally, the meaning is provided to understand and present easily.

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Morning Assembly Thoughts for Students with Explanation

  • There is nothing comes for free in this world. Everything requires hard work.

Explanation: Even a Lion has to make efforts to hunt and eat. A person also needs to make consistent efforts to achieve his goals and find his purpose. So is said, there is nothing comes for free.

  • Decisions are not Right or Wrong. You have to make them so.

Explanation: Decisions are not good or bad when you take them. The work you do after taking a decision can only decide whether your decisions were right or wrong.

  • Not Everyone who smiles is a friend, Not everyone who scolds is your enemy.

Explanation: The great Chanakya was the Guru of Chandragupta Maurya. He was a wise man who once said: Not everyone who talks politely is your friend. He might be trying to fool you by speaking with a fake smile. Also, not everyone who talks to you angrily is your enemy. Just like your mother and father, who scold you but for your good.

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Explanation: Everything you do to others come back to yourself. If you treat others with love and affection, they will love you back. If you will hate others and throw stones at them, they will hate you too. So always treat others the same way you want them to treat you.

educate yourself, to be powerful

  • Teachers Open the Door, But you must enter yourself

Meaning: Teachers open the pathway to success. But you have to take steps to reach the goal. No one can help you more than yourself in this world. So always be ready to take steps.

  • To open your mind, open a book.

Meaning: Books help your mind to open the doors of imagination. Books help you


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to train your mind to think more. This is why, it is said that “To open a mind, one should read the books”.

  • One day wasted due to others is, one day you didn’t invest on yourself.

Meaning: It is always wrong to waste time with others. Enjoy with friends, learn and cheer the moments, but wasting time and doing nothing with others is also the time you didn’t invest on yourself. So, always find some time to make yourself a better person and learn something new every day.

  • Believe in yourself, and one day will come when others will have no choice but to believe with you.

Meaning: In the movie Lion King, there is an inspirational line for students. You should always believe in yourself. Soon you will see that others will start believing in you too. This is the most important thing people learn to become successful.

  • Darkness is nothing but a place light didn’t found the way.

Explanation: Darkness is nothing. Light is the reality. Darkness is the place where light didn’t reach. So you can always avoid the darkness by lighting a candle in the darkness.

More Thoughts on Success and Life for Morning Inspiration

  • Every morning is a new opportunity to do things you missed yesterday.

Every morning starts with a new hope and new opportunities. You can always finish what you didn’t yesterday. So use every day wisely and achieve more.

  • The universe will give you what you focus the most. So focus on what you want, not on what you don’t ~Himanshu Bisht

Universe listen to your prayers. It will show you the ways to achieve your dreams. Wherever you want to go. As people say, where the focus goes, energy flows. So it is important that you are focusing upon things you want in your life.

  • It is not about who started first. It’s about who remained in the game and finished it better

This quote shares the importance of not quitting and giving up. Remember! It is not who started will be remembered. It is about you who stayed, finished your task in the best way. So, whenever you start something, never give up and finish your game.

These thoughts for the day are updated continuously. I suggest you to keep visiting this page and explore other inspirational articles present on the website. I wish you will find these thoughts useful to speak in the assembly and other places. These ideas can also be used while giving lectures, classroom lessons and some other time.


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