Jo Hai So Hai

There is no philosophy. Accept things as they are. Fat, thin, short, long, idiot, intelligent or whatever. Accept and learn to live as it is.

jo hai so hai - philosophy


Because this is the secret. The secret of a successful and beautiful life. This is the basic ingredient you need to find your purpose.

The Whole Idea of Success Which was told to us is Wrong!

One day, you come to know how successful people become successful, how you can get an into relationship quickly or maybe “How to make 6 pack abs in 7 days”. And everything goes wrong. You tried to follow the person. You tried copying it. And you left yourself. You became a copy of someone else.

No! You have to start from where you are. As you are. Accept yourself at every single time.

Struggle is necessary for success is a wrong attitude. You need to learn to live every moment. Embrece and cheer your silence. You are not meant to be hated by the others and by yourself.

Acceptance is THE BIG THING.

Am I saying you to not change?

No! No way. Change is the only thing which is permanent. You will change no matter what. Whether you want or you do not. Don’t control it. Just flow with it. Be better every single day. Push yourself. Accept the change.


Jo Hai So Hai

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