Your First Day at Gym – Motivation, Exercises and Story

So You have decided! Life is about to change. Just like ours did a year ago. The first day of the gym is not to lift heavy weights and pushing yourself to the extreme. The first day is to EXPLORE.

first day gym exercises

You will head to a life rewarding journey in a very short time, but it asks for patience. Abhishek and I were in college when we decided to do some jumps and pumps. We were so thin that people used to call us “Polio”. That was a big challenge. We didn’t want to be called like that. This was a big reason which pushed us to take THE FIRST STEP.

What to Do in Your First Day at Gym

I am not assuming anything: like your previous knowledge about nutrition and exercise. So we will learn each and everything to make your first day as fruitful as possible.

Before Going to Gym

  • Don’t go empty stomach. Eating something (balanced) before entering the gym will make a big difference. It will not drain your energy quickly and you will be able to enjoy your first day. Moreover, it will not let you lose your muscles as happens with most of the people.
  • Don’t forget to bring a small towel. The gym is full of sweat and germs. Bring your own small towel when going for exercise.
  • Make a good playlist. Not everyone likes the same pump-up songs. Make your own playlist of good, inspiring songs which you can listen for a while. You might not be playing them throughout the session, but still, make one.

Best Exercises to do on your first day

The best exercise depends on your regular routine. If you are an IT person or someone who spends his whole time before a computer screen, then starting with some exercises which can activate your muscles will be the best idea.

If you are already an athlete or working somewhere engaged in good physical work, then do some running first and march towards the dumbbell stand.

Some Good First Day Exercises

The whole idea of utilizing your first few days is to activate your muscles without getting injured and keep you motivated.

Do these following exercises for three-four times as much as you can. Take rest in between the sets and repeat 3 4 times.

  • Squats

first day squat exercise

The squat is a very powerful exercise which will soon transform into the weighted squat. but for now, do 3 sets of at least 10-20 repetitions on your very first day.

  • Simple Pushups

pushup for beginners

Regular pushups are hard to achieve. If you are unable to do 10-12 regular pushups then better to do this variation shown in the picture above. It will activate your whole upper body including the shoulders, chest and triceps (arms).

  • Hanging

hanging exercise for first time gym goers

Don’t underestimate hanging exercise. It can be a powerful way to activate your back and shoulder


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muscles which will help you to achieve your goals more quickly. try to hang for the longer period of time. At least for 40-50 seconds.

  • Planks

plank for first time

Planks are always good for training your core body. It reduces fat and increases muscle strength. And it is very simple to do.

These are the easiest exercises other than which you can see on Youtube and other blogs with dumbells. Training with just your body weight is not a bad idea. It will prepare your body to lift good in a short time.

Learning About Nutrition and Food – Important

Exercise is not the only thing you need to shape your body. No matter what your fitness goal is, make a right meal chart. Count your body fat percentage ratio and make an aim. Don’t just follow a standard diet plan from the internet. What is working for others might not be useful. Learn to make one for yourself. This is the best way today.

People can fool you but not to your knowledge. Your diet chart will be unique. According to your budget and target. You can follow good YouTube channels (but don’t follow blindly).

Most of the content available for FREE is not very good and effective. You don’t want to end up wasting your time on something which is not useful at all. The best is to learn each and everything.

Myths about Gym and Shaping Your Body

  • You can make your body in one, two, three months. No! It takes time.
  • Only Good food will be enough. Nah! You need a combination of good exercise and good nutrition.
  • Vegetarians can not make the good body. False! There is plenty of veg protein enriched materials to supplement.
  • Protein is necessary. It is: But only when you don’t have enough diet.

Tips to Conquer Your First Day

  • Ask for help. There is nothing wrong in it. Every top athlete and bodybuilder has a trainer. They are there to help. Don’t be afraid.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed. The gym is a great experience but doesn’t do it too much. Save energy for tomorrow or you will end up sleeping other days.
  • Divide Your Protein. Take half spoon before and half of it after the workout. Don’t overconsume. High protein can dysfunction your kidneys.

Don’t engage yourself in chatting in the gym. Talk to everyone and be comfortable. Most of the people around are just like you. Accept yourself as it is. It’s Ok to be fat or short. There is nothing wrong in it. You have decided to make progress, and It Matters.

Your First Day at Gym
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Your First Day at Gym
The first day of the gym is not to push yourself to the extreme. The first day is to EXPLORE. Here are some good beginners exercises for your first day.
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